Monday, December 20, 2010

Animation Concept

little WIP on an animation concept I've been wanting to try for a little while now.  Sat down and worked out the look a little in photoshop.  Not sure how feasible the project is yet but I think it could be a really interesting project to do.


  1. Looks like it could be great! What do you think about 2 cars, and making it a chase scene?

  2. Could be very possible. Need to do some more resizing on the car and then a few playblasts to see if I can do the project with a photo comp or need to actually model an environment for it. If I can get my hands on another rally car (textured at least) It could be really cool to do a quick race scene. Trying to keep it down too a 11-13 second teaser animation. Should be just long enough for the cars to make the first turn and drift out of the last turn.

    Also playing with the idea of a close up shot of the tires turning kicking up dirt and rock.